Please make sure all summer assignments are completed by the first day of school. MS/US STEM Summer Work Packets

  • All summer math packets should be turned in on the first day back from summer break.
  • You must show all necessary work for each problem.
  • Work should be numbered and labeled in a neat, organized fashion.
  • Answers should be provided on a separate answer sheet.
  • The entirety of your work should be turned in bound in a folder.
  • The work will count as your first Assessment Grade in Q1


All links are for the course each student plans to take in the fall. i.e. Students taking Algebra II in the fall should click the Algebra II link for their summer assignments.

Specific questions concerning summer work packets should be directed to the course instructor.

Pre Algebra 1

Pre Algebra 2

Algebra I

Algebra II

College Prep



AP Calculus AB

AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1

AP Physics C: Mechanics

AP Statistics

7th Grade Science

9th grade Biology

AP Biology