Thank you for your interest in supporting Village Academy. It may surprise you, but tuition alone does not cover the actual cost of a Village Academy education. Like other independent private schools, Village Academy relies on Annual Giving efforts to bridge the gap between tuition income and operating expenses.

You can make a meaningful and lasting impact on the extraordinary educational experience of each of our students through your Annual Giving contribution. Each year Annual Giving increases the value added to a Village Academy education. It also ensures that every Griffin receives the best possible tools to be continually inspired, engaged, and confident with the ability to think critically in the classroom.

The Griffin family is a supportive global community that would not be possible without the support of each of its members: past, present, and future. 100% Annual Giving participation by our Griffin families is the key to showing our strength as a community. Your gift matters and it supports every aspect of the VA experience.

With your Annual Giving contribution, you are positioning Village Academy for success and helping to sustain and expand the School. The gap for the 2018-19 school year is $1324 per student. Show your #GriffinPride and make your tax-deductible donation today!

Annual Giving FAQ
Give the Gap. Get a Feather!