The path to success is different for everyone.
Find yours at Village Academy.

At its philosophical core Village Academy is focused on students as individuals.  Each child is unique, so our attention is on the individual, not a core curriculum.  We encourage your child to advance at an individual pace so they can perform at their optimal level.  We do not restrict the child by academic grade, instead, we move children into the courses that best suits their skill set.  

The School’s goals and objectives follow our mission that guides our philosophy of encouraging academic excellence, individual accountability, and social responsibility in a global community.

“Village Academy seeks to educate college-bound students who not only wish to become self-fulfilled individuals, but who also function as responsible, compassionate citizens of the world.”

We live in a diverse electronic world, and we value different cultures, lifestyles and beliefs. Village Academy ingeniously promotes discovery, nurturing, and flourishing as students experience a life of achievement, opportunity and fulfillment.